This is the home page of Brad & Jacky (BRADnJACKY LLC)

The website for “Our Travels” a blog of our Adventures on the Mainland is now at holohale.us

We have been living in Hawaii since 2006. We have decided to buy a RV and travel the United States Mainland. We did not want to ship the RV to Hawaii every year for a vehicle safety inspection and license renewal, so we researched how to license on the mainland legally. We had a Law Firm create an LLC for us in Montana, so we are BRADnJACKY LLC owning a RoadTrek Van with a Montana License.

This website is my first try with WordPress. I had been using Joomla for the last 8 years to manage my other websites..

As time goes by we will see how it goes…

This site is no longer the Travel Site. I have given up on Wordpress. The main difference between Joomla and WordPress is that Joomla has more flexibility, but does have a steeper learning curve, while WordPress does not require a lot of technical knowledge and is a better fit for beginners. I missed the flexibility I had with Joomla, so I have gone back to it.